Call for papers and open panels

Deadline for Submission: November 1st, 2017

The purpose of calling for open panel proposals is to stimulate the formation of new networks around topics of interest to the 4S community. Open panel topics, once accepted by the Program Committee, will be included in the general call for papers that will open on Dec 1st (see examples of open panel topics from last year here). Open panel chairs will have significant responsibility in the composition of their panels. An open panel may extend across up to three sessions of five papers each (i.e. a total of maximum 15 papers). Please note, in submitting a proposal, you are volunteering to chair a session of papers related to your topic.  An open panel proposal should contain a summary and rationale of up to 250 words, including a brief discussion of its contribution to STS and (if relevant) the theme of the 4S Sydney conference. Please consider proposing an open panel for 4sSydney to build your networks and create vibrant intellectual communities.

Open Panel proposals should be submitted via the online form by November 1st 2017.

Please note: A second call for papers, closed panels, posters and Making and Doing presentations will open Dec 1st and close Feb 1st.

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