Call for Papers: DRUID Academy Conference and PhD courses – 2018

The DRUID Academy Conference and the DRUID PhD Course are open for all PhD students working within the broad field of economics and management of innovation, entrepreneurship and organizations. The PhD Course is integrated with the DRUID Academy Conference and 5 ECTS Credits can be achieved with attendance and completion of both the PhD Course and the DRUID Academy Conference.

  • The first DRUID PhD Course in 2017 received high reviews. The PhD Course is an opportunity for approximately 35 accepted DRUID Academy Conference registrants, who also apply and are selected for the PhD Course. Participants will take a unique ‘deep dive’ into innovation research to enhance their existing curricula and give a deeper understanding of issues relevant to industry and academia. Lectures will cover a range of topics.
  • The DRUID Academy Conference format follows previous DRUID Academy Conferences whereby approximately 70 accepted papers will be grouped by theme and presented in five parallel sessions. The format provides a unique opportunity for the matching and mentoring of senior researchers with PhD students during the entire event.






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  1. loyal 3 weeks ago

    Keeр this going please, great job!

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