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The contents of this Knowledge Bank are intended to form a set of materials that provide background and a starting point for discussion and analysis on innovation and development issues facing Africa.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The Knowledge Bank contains the following main sections:

Please see Additional resources I for suggested jumping off point readings for each of AfricaLics main thematic programme areas.


Postgraduate teaching and learning materials

Between 2013 and 2016 the AfricaLics Research Capacity Building Project Phase I with funding from Sida developed a series of free teaching and learning materials for those teaching and studying at post-graduate level at universities in Africa.  These materials have been developed with a view to being adapted to the individual context of a post-graduate programme or university more broadly.  These materials are:

  1. A model masters level semester length module entitled ‘Innovation and Development’ for incorporation into an existing Masters programme in an allied field. The module is aimed to introduce students to the importance of thinking about innovation in the context of community, national or global development.

          Download: English Version || French Version

  1. A supervision guide for those studying for, and supervising, PhD research in the field of innovation and development. It provides some generic information on PhD supervision but focuses predominately on providing specific information relevant for students of a cross-disciplinary field of ‘innovation and development’.

         Download: English Version || French Version

  1. An ideas paper for those considering the development of a full Masters programme in the cross-disciplinary field of ‘innovation and development. The paper outlines the major modules required for a taught course and various other issues that need consideration such as employability of graduates etc.

         Download: English Version

  1. An ideas paper for those considering the development of a full PhD programme in the field of ‘innovation and development’. The paper considers what is means to be a fully rounded post-graduate of ‘innovation and development’ i.e. the skills and knowledge that are essential/ core to becoming a graduate expert in the field.

         Download: English Version

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The following materials where used to assist in the production of the knowledge bank reference list:

  • Fagerberg, J. and Sapprasert, K.( 2011) National Innovation Systems: the emergence of a new approach, Science and Public Policy 38: 669-679
  • The European Website of Economic Sociology (accessed 31/01/14) and;
  • The STSwiki (accessed 31/01/14)


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