Launch Nordic Innovator Challenge 2017: Submit your innovation before 1st September 2017

Are you working on an innovation that will enable circular economy through new ways of design and manufacturing?

LAUNCH Nordic is a partnership between pioneering companies and public organisations that all believe collaborative innovation is critical to shape a more sustainable society.

LAUNCH Nordic is working to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society. To meet this goal, we seek innovators with the potential to create a shift in the way we design and manufacture to enable circular economy.

In 2017 we will select up to 10 innovative solutions and invite these innovators into the LAUNCH community. Here, we will help them scale through collaboration with a world class group of industry pioneers, government organisations, investors, innovation experts & technical capacities.

We are reaching out to help LAUNCH Nordic find the best innovators and we would like your help in spreading the word. We would like you to help spread the word about the challenge.

The goal of our challenges is to help accelerate our participants’ businesses, so we are looking for innovations that are anywhere from pilot-stage to ready-for-market.

We invite and encourage innovators globally to apply, and to help us find the answers to this year’s challenge. Innovators can now submit their innovations via the LAUNCH website: . We encourage those interested to apply as soon as possible, and before the September 1st deadline.

If you have any questions about LAUNCH Nordic or this year’s challenge please do not hesitate to contact Derrick Sullivan at


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  1. Each year, LAUNCH Nordic partners call on innovators from around the world to address a major global sustainability challenge.

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