New Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies

New book with contribution from Prof. Djeflat Abdelkader (member of the AfricaLics Scientific Board (ASB) on “Emerging innovation systems (EIS) and take-off Issues in North African economies: evidence from Algeria” (chapter 5, pp. 151-180): available through the link below

Although in recent years some emerging economies have improved their performance in terms of research and development (R&D) investment, outputs and innovative capacity, these countries are still blighted by extreme poverty, inequality and social exclusion. Hence, emerging countries are exposed to conditions which differ quite substantially from the dominant OECD model of innovation policy for development and welfare. This Research Handbook contributes to the debate by looking at how innovation theory, policy and practice interact, and explains different types of configurations in countries that are characterized by two contrasting but mutually reinforcing features: systemic failure and resourcefulness. Focusing on innovation governance and public policies, it aims to understand related governance failures and to explore options for alternative, more efficient approaches.

This book brings to the fore new concepts, theories and questions about the Global South, across multiple disciplines. It discusses specific country cases, exploring overarching patterns and lessons that address development bottlenecks and policy designs aimed at improving quality of life and economic progress in emerging economies.

Defining more adequate development strategies by balancing economic well-being with social inclusion, this book will be of great interest to scholars, students and policy makers of innovation, growth and development studies.

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  1. way 4 months ago

    Incгedible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good spirit.

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