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PhD visiting fellows programme

11 students have been through the programme.  Four have completed their PhDs.  One has completed a joint degree with Aalborg University (Denmark) and Adama University of Science and Technology (Ethiopia)

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“It is obvious that my participation in both Africalics academy and conferences have sharpen my research methodologies and skills which culminated to recently completion of my PhD programme” (male student from Nigeria)

Response’s to a survey question in 2016:

Are any of your activities in the field of innovation and development influenced by any of the following activities of AfricaLics?

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AfricaLics academies has trained over 110 students; giving opportunities to receive feedback on work and receive training in the latest theory and methods relating to innovation and development.  Feedback received includes:

“Presenting at PhD academies has helped me receive feedback on the entire project but especially in developing my theoretical arguments. The lecturers at the academies have also been helpful in that regard.” (female student from Kenya)

“The PhD academies shed light to improve ones research work through constructive comments given at the academy, the academy also serves for networking among scholars from different countries and getting useful knowledge and opportunity to discuss with innovation gurus!” (female student from Tanzania)

“The academy launched me into the academic world by revealing how to proffer my research findings to the target audience. These influenced my PhD studies. I was able to produce a policy brief and publish my masters thesis and my presentations and seminars are highly acknowledged by my university” (female student from Benin)

“My current PhD research work has been influenced greatly by Africalics. My participation in the Africalics PhD Academy has assisted me a great deal to strengthen my knowledge base in the area of innovation and conducting an innovation survey. The academy also exposed me to innovation indicators and how it can be accurately measured within a developing country context.” (female student from Nigeria)

AfricaLics achievements to end 2016

Outputs and outcomes
PhD Academies
4 academies held (Nairobi, Algiers, Mombasa, Hammemet)
118 students trained
Teaching and learning Development of free open access teaching and learning material leading to:

  • 19 lecturers from 17 African countries have developed action plans to create one or more courses or programmes
  • Full MSc in Innovation and Development being pursued by: University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Adama Science and Technology University (Ethiopia)
  • The I&D course or parts of it are being used at seven universities in Tanzania (1), South Africa (1), Canada (1), Nigeria (1), Ethiopia (1) and Kenya (2)
PhD supervision training
3 experience sharing sessions held with a total of 41 PhD supervisors
Handbook on PhD supervision for both students and supervisors made available on website and sent to all PhD students and supervisors in the AfricaLics network
PhD visiting fellows scheme
11 students have been through the scheme.  Four now completed their PhDs.  One has completed a joint degree with Aalborg University (Denmark) and Adama University of Science and Technology (Ethiopia)
Research conferences
2 conferences held (Mozambique, 2013 and Kigali, 2015)
First conference resulted in 8 research networks being set up (see next row)
Second conference drew over 220 participants; 57 papers presented and 9 posters; and 28 other speakers.
Promoting collaborative research
Six seedfunding small book or research projects funded with between US$10,000 to US$ 35,000 resulting in:
  • 3 follow up research proposals submitted and 2 subsequently funded.
  • 12 papers have been published
  • 9 papers accepted for publications
  • 3 papers undergoing review and;
  • 1 book in pipeline
One national conference supported by Algerian Ministry of Infrastructure on engineering and design as a direct consequence of the engineering and design research findings
All six projects have created networks of researchers who continue to work with each other.
Over 1million website hits, 200 registered users.
Highest number of hits in any one month was over 110,000
AfricaLics YouTube channel set up to enable all videoed presentations and seminars to be available for view live or post-event.


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