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A worldwide, open and diverse community of scholars working on innovation and competence building in the context of economic development.


Asia – Asialics

Asialics was founded in 2004 and is governed by an advisory group. Key activities are annual conferences, so far organized in Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. Asialics support the Asian Journal of Technology Innovation (AJTI).

Within Asia a further two national sub-networks have been established:



Established in 2004, CICALICS arranges annual workshops and PhD academies in an annual event that rotates between the three network partners: Tsinghau University, Zhejiang University and Sino-Danish Center.

India – Indialics

Established in 2010, activities include seminars/conferences, capacity building activities, and pro-active research engagements with policy-making communities, entrepreneurs and workers.


Mediterranean region – MEDAlics

MEDAlics supports integration and promotion of the Mediterranean area (Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa), was established in 2010 ands is governed by an executive and academic board. Key activities are annual PhD academies and workshops.


Latin America – Lalics

Lalics was launched in 2011 and is governed by a scientific board. Among other things Lalics promotes Latin American innovation research and stimulates closer relationships between academics and policy-makers through dissemination at conferences and seminars and in publications and policy evaluations.


Europe – Eurolics

Eurolics was founded in 2014 and is governed by a secretary general and an interim scientific board. Key activities are workshops and the focus is on inclusive and sustainable development and redevelopment within Europe.



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