Travel Support

Students from World Bank designated low and low-middle income countries can apply for travel support when accepted as participants for AfricaLics PhD Academies and Research Conferences; when funds allow.

To apply for funding, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your paper must have been accepted and have been informed of a confirmed place in the event.
  • Available travel support funding is prioritised for PhD students and early career researchers/ post-doctoral students based at African Universities.
  • You must be a national of a World Bank designated low income or low-middle income country.  Currently, AfricaLics is unable to provide travel support to anyone who is a national of, or studying in, a country designated as high income.
  • If your paper is with a co-author(s), we can only give travel support to one presenting author.
  • We do not grant travel support to applicants residing in the country where the conference is located.
  • We do not support employees from Ministries and other government agencies (e.g. development banks).

If you are eligible for travel support, you must complete a travel support request form PRIOR to your travel and before the deadline provided for the event.  The travel support request form is available here .

Please note that travel support is provided as follows:

  • Travel support covers return airfares only.  These must be the cheapest fare and economy class tickets. We are unable to reimburse visa costs, ground transportation, transit hotel bills or other related travel costs.
  • The reimbursement procedure starts AFTER the conference. It is therefore NOT possible to receive cheque, cash or other forms of payment at the conference.
  • We cannot refund costs larger than the amount you are granted.
  • We cannot refund costs larger than the documented costs, which mean that we need original tickets and receipts AFTER the conference.  You must scan and post back to us after the event your original tickets/receipt and boarding passes/stubs.  If you do not return these, your travel support claim cannot be processed.
  • The AfricaLics Secretariat can only provide travel support in terms of reimbursement of travel costs AFTER the conference: The AfricaLics Secretariat is unable to support prepaid tickets.

History shows that the number of applicants is proportionally larger than our resources to travel support so please try to look for other sources of finance that can fully or partly finance your travel. We receive many applications and, since our funds for travel support are limited, applicants should not expect to receive 100% of their funding request.

If you have any questions related to travel support, please write to the AfricaLics Secretariat at Please write travel support query in the subject heading.


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